Chuva (Rain) – A fado by Mariza

Having added the capability to embed videos into my blog, I feel like a kid with a new toy.

A “fado” is a type of Portuguese folk song that has at its center a longing for something/someone gone and remembered.  It’s melancholic though not necessarily sad.  You don’t have to have an “old soul” or know loss to appreciate the genre, though it helps.  A fado rekindles memories and emotions while also being a vehicle for dispersing their force in a safe way, like a lightning rod.

Of the present day fado singers, none is as talented or well-known as Mariza.  Here she is performing Chuva (Rain).  The lyrics, in translation (not mine), follow.


The ordinary things in life
don’t leave with a longing for what’s passed,
Only the memories that hurt
Or make us smile do

There are people that remain in our story
in the story of our life
and others whose names
we barely care to hear again

There are emotions that give life
to the longing that I bring with me
Emotions that I had by your side
and I lost a little ago

There are days that leave traces in our souls
and in our lives,
and the day you left me,
I can not forget:

The rain wet my
cold and tired face
And all the streets in that city,
I had already passed by

Ah … my crying of a lost girl
shouted to the city that
the fire of love in the rain
just now died

The rain listened to my secret
and shared it with the city
And now, rain taps on my windows
bringing the longing back.

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2 Responses to Chuva (Rain) – A fado by Mariza

  1. dgreenleaf says:

    really nice, Harrison. Love this genre of music!

  2. I heard/saw her in concert in NYC in 2016 and it was great. I think comes across once a year and always sells out.

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