NOT “Green Eggs And Ham”……

“Idle brains are the Devil’s workhouses” goes a 1732 quote, and mine created this playfully serious (seriously playful?) doggerel verse as reply to a personals ad circa 2011 when I was actively in the dating market.    I don’t remember if it was “successful” or not…
I am reposting it now, after having mothballed it, because we can all use a break from Trump-related reading, no?  And some laughter.
Not “Green Eggs And Ham”*
I’ll make you laugh, oh yes I will,
With words…with verve….with brill!
And if those words do not you fill
With glee and giggles and moony smiles,
I’ll…I’ll try some more – no…. aha! –
I’ll try S’mores from a grill!!
This I’ll do, oh yes I will,
For days and nights with starlight filled,
Until you hoot and howl, sneeze and snort,
And into a pretzel you contort!….
BUT… if you snap and show your teeth
(like beastly treat this silly verse),
I’ll take my (sub)atomic particles
And find another more simpatico!
So now you’ve glimpsed the child 
that gambols still inside
a body older, wiser (??), bolder (!!)…
Make haste!  Hurry!!  Carpe Diem!!!
Life is not the Met Museum
And I won’t wait like an exhibit
if you take too long before a visit.
So please be gentle, please be sweet
To match the man you say you seek
To amuse, bemuse, behold, and hold-to hard
(and soft…and hard…and soft.. and hard!)
But whether I’m your man (or goat!),
be kind enough to pen a note…
* With profound and sincere apologies to Dr. Seuss, though I think he’d be amused.

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4 Responses to NOT “Green Eggs And Ham”……

  1. Lizzy says:

    if seuss isnt amused, i sure am!!! lol!!

  2. Lizzy says:

    oh ho, my friend
    with pricky pen,
    you must not fuss
    go find your zen!

    you must not fuss
    oh you must sit still!!
    she’ll come around
    i know she will!

    she’s overwhelmed
    and sore from verbal abuse,
    but she’s strong and tough
    so dont tie the noose.

    oh you must sit still
    you must not fuss,
    she’ll be back around
    you ornery old cuss!!!


    • Oh boy, oh joy!
      The words are new,
      The thoughts are fresh!
      (Would she be cruel?
      Are they in jest?)

      She wants me calm..
      She wants me Zen..
      (I’ll zip my lips..
      I’ll sit on hands!)

      To swift the time
      Until she’s done
      I’ll plan up dreams
      For two – not one –
      To reach her star,

  3. Lizzy says:

    “damnit, jim!” (startrek)…i messed up the 3rd verse!!

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