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Tru and truly green… K.Y.Tao – 1915 – Oct. 30, 1999

Today, October 30, is the anniversary of my father’s death.   It’s a hard date to forget, as it is also the birthday of Julia’s mother. And the day before Halloween. I have commemorated this occasion before in other ways, … Continue reading

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“Talking about love is like dancing about architecture.”*

What on earth do I know of love?  What I don’t know has filled journals spanning decades.  Until I stopped because I realized one of many truths: writing about it brought me no closer to it.  Reading about it was marginally … Continue reading

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The Fool or: You Shouldn’t Go Home Again

I am often asked if I have gone back to Brazil since leaving.  It has a simple answer (“Yes”) and an existential one: “How do you go back to a place you never really think you left?” This is the … Continue reading

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NOT “Green Eggs And Ham”……

“Idle brains are the Devil’s workhouses” goes a 1732 quote, and mine created this playfully serious (seriously playful?) doggerel verse as reply to a personals ad circa 2011 when I was actively in the dating market.    I don’t remember … Continue reading

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