Men vs. Women…

Every day, millions of men and women stand side-by-side at double-sinks and mirrors for the ritual of “..preparing a face for the faces that you’ll meet..”* before heading out the door.

For five, ten, fifteen minutes (or longer), we scrutinize (or as the finally-departed GWBush would have said, “scrutinalize”) our own faces in detail, and gather our thoughts and energy to confront whatever awaits us outside the door.

Men perform that contemplation and mental loin-girding while wielding a sharp blade (or multiple blades) to their faces and ritually scything away at their facial hair, in essence REDUCING their masculinity and “weakening” themselves. (Remember Samson?)

Women, on the contrary, get ready for the world by using soft brushes and gentle motions to apply all manners of colors and chemicals to ENHANCE their femininity, their essence.

Is it any surprise that men don’t stand a chance in the “war” between the sexes?

*from TS Eliot in “The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock”, a poem I could recite in its entirety from the rooftops….and did one drunken night in college, barely stopping at the edge of a flat roof three stories above ground….

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